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Welcome to PMTrend

PMTrend provides information on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium precious metal markets.

Precious metal investors can use this information to infer market trends that are occurring in the precious metals market.

Live Precious Metal Prices

View live gold prices, live silver prices, live platinum prices, and live palladium prices.

Live Precious Metal Prices (USD)

Gold Price
Gold Ask *
Gold Bid *
Gold Δ *
Gold Δ% *%
Gold High *
Gold Low *
Silver Price
Silver Ask *
Silver Bid *
Silver Δ *
Silver Δ% *%
Silver High *
Silver Low *
Platinum Price
Platinum Ask *
Platinum Bid *
Platinum Δ *
Platinum Δ% *%
Platinum High *
Platinum Low *
Palladium Price
Palladium Ask *
Palladium Bid *
Palladium Δ *
Palladium Δ% *%
Palladium High *
Palladium Low *

Non-Live Precious Metal Prices

Did not find the currency you were after under live precious metal prices?

View non-live gold, silver, platinum, and palladium prices in 166 different currencies.

The non-live prices are updated approximately every hour.



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